About the trip:

The TitterPlatt Traverse (TPT) is a high-adventure, multisport route alternative to the Te Araroa Trail (TAT). While this trip can claim to be unsupported, unmotorised and epic in scale, the main aim of the TPT is not to race through beautiful landscapes, but instead to have the most fun possible, zigzagging 1200km across the Southern Alps. NZ’s north is blessed with roads which breeze down the coast before climbing into the expansive mountain plains. The middle has clear, stony-bottomed rivers, skirted by towering limestone cliffs, or lush palm forests. The south contains fiords which confound the map, immense glaciers, and the most rugged peaks of NZ’s Southern Alps. Who would want to race past this? Furthermore, who would want to walk these roads when you could scoot along them? Who would want to be hindered by a kayak in a forest? Not us. The TPT believes in wheels for roads, boats for rivers, and feet for grass (or scree!). Adapting the mode of travel to the natural and human landscapes of the South Island, the TPT traverses NZ’s South Island in a fluid, easy, and imaginative way. The team will carry everything they need for an unsupported, high-adventure expedition. Each member will have a lightweight, offroad scooter on roads and tracks to roll into the heart of the spine, feet to get up and over the peaks, and a packraft to course along the rivers which flow to the sea. Along the way they will be aided by the scooters’ ability to transform into hiking poles and paddles.

About the team:

Constance Titterton and Jeremy Platt are a team of explorers with a silly side. Jeremy has an obscure claim to fame as the first (and so far only) person to hand roll sushi a packraft. Constance can say the alphabet backwards. Together, they have packrafted Alaska’s Brooks Range over the summer solstice and hiked in Wyoming’s Wind River Ranges, as well as hosted the odd roller disco. The TitterPlatt Traverse (TPT) represents a melding of adventure, exploration and fun, as Constance and Jeremy scoot over mountains, packraft along roads and walk on rivers 😉 as they travel from the top to the bottom of NZ’s South Island.

With thanks to:

PACKRAFT, for their generous support of the trip by providing a boat.


Wilderwheels, for their provision of two TransScooters.


Dr Stephen Reddell, for his thorough medical advice.